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Special Interest Groups

Get involved with ANA-NY in a way that does not involve running for the Board or serving on a Board Committee!

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are members-only communities within ANA-NY that are focused on a single topic or area of interest in an effort to advance a specific area of knowledge, learning, or technology and support members in collaboration to affect or to produce solutions within their fields.

Available SIGs

SIG No. 1

Nurses who work with the intellectually and developmentally disabled population to discuss ideas for better care by removing barriers to nursing care and reimbursement.

SIG No. 2

Nurses who are interested in climate change and its impact on health to propose strategies that nursing can implement to have a positive impact.

SIG No. 3

Nurses who want to learn more about policy and advocacy to discuss the details of the policy and political process and learn more about the ANA-NY Legislation Committee activities.

SIG No. 4

Nurses who are interested in advancing the profession of nursing through igniting compassion for nurses.

SIG No. 5

Nurses who are interested in the technological advances happening in the nursing practice with a focus in innovation and informatics.

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